Welcome to the ESSMA e-Workshops platform!

As the global circumstances are unpredictable, ESSMA decided to switch our 2020 workshops to online editions. We still wanted to offer our members the possible to network and share knowledge. Therefore we decided to create our own online platform.

You will not only be able to follow the e-workshop live but you also have the opportunity to connect with other ESSMA Members.

The designed format should lead to real interaction and collaboration, with relevant best practices and insights as a result!

Join the ESSMA Fan Experience e-Workshop

First of all, you’ll have to register for the e-workshop via https://www.essma-eworkshops.eu/event/fan-experience/. On the day of the event itself, you will be able to watch the livestream on the ‘Watch Live’ page. You can connect and talk with other ESSMA Members on the ‘Network’ page.

An answer to your most asked questions

On our FAQ page, you can find more information on how to edit your account, how to connect with other members, etc. Furthermore, we’ve created a short tutorial to guide you through the platform!


Connect, learn and share knowledge with other like-minded professionals

Discover all event content on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform

On the ESSMA Knowledge Platform you can access all the shared content of this  e-workshop as well as previous ESSMA events. In addition to pdf versions of the presentations, there are also recordings of several webinars and workshop sessions available. Furthermore, you can find in-depth interviews, reports and best practices in our exclusive online database!

Contact communications@essma.eu if you don’t have a personal login yet.